Schema markup generator tool by Marco Ilardi

The importance of slugs for SEO

In the world of web marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key element for driving organic traffic to your website. And one often overlooked aspect of SEO is the humble slug. No, we’re not talking about slimy creatures, but rather the URL structure that plays a crucial role in optimizing your website’s content for […]

Check your reputation

On of the menu of this website is called check your reputation. There is also the button on the home page that redirects to my original brand reputation checker tool. Check your reputation using my tool inserting your websites you’ll discover if you have schemas or if you already have knowledge panels available for your […]

Google Knowledge Panel (What Is It and How Do You Earn It?)

A Google Knowledge Panel is a box that appears on the right side of the search results page for certain search queries, providing information about a specific entity, such as a person, organization, or brand. It usually includes a summary of the entity’s key details, images, links to social media profiles, and other relevant information. […]

The most important schema org

I can provide you with an overview of some commonly used types and their relationships, but please note that the vocabulary is continuously updated and expanded, and the complete list of all existing types and their relationships may change over time. Here is a list of types and some of their common […]

Schema markup validator

Each schema of schema markup validator contains a button validate to check the schema org integrity of the code before inserting it in the header of your website. We use the schema validator tool that is available at the address You can insert an url or directly the json code. Each schema generated using […]

Why I haven’t found a knowledge panel for the brand

There are several reasons why you may not be able to find a Knowledge Panel for your brand or why the Google Knowledge Panel API may not have found it: It’s important to note that Google’s algorithms and criteria for generating Knowledge Panels are complex and not publicly disclosed. If you believe your brand should […]

What is Google entity home?

A Google entity is a specific object or concept that can be uniquely identified and described by a set of attributes. Examples of entities include people, organizations, places, events, and more. The home/about page of a Google entity is a web page that provides an overview of the entity and its attributes. It typically includes […]

Start generating your schemas

To start generating your single schema your can navigate the create menù where you can choose between different schema. Fill the panel with all your informations then click on the get schema button and copy and paste your schema in the head section of your about page. Click add links to add all websites […]

How can i insert a schema in the head section of my website?

To insert a JSON-LD markup in the head section of your website, you can follow these general steps: Here’s an example of how you can insert a JSON-LD markup in the head section of a web page: If you’re using WordPress, you can insert the JSON-LD markup in the head section of your […]

Why is a problem a schema org without kgmid?

A markup provides a structured way of describing the content on a webpage to search engines, which can help with search engine optimization (SEO) and improving the visibility of a website in search results. A Knowledge Graph ID (KGID) is a unique identifier assigned to an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph, a database […]