Schema markup generator tool by Marco Ilardi

A Google entity is a specific object or concept that can be uniquely identified and described by a set of attributes. Examples of entities include people, organizations, places, events, and more.

The home/about page of a Google entity is a web page that provides an overview of the entity and its attributes. It typically includes information such as the entity’s name, description, logo or image, contact details, and any other relevant information that helps define the entity.

In the context of Google search, the home/about page of a Google entity can be used to help establish the entity’s relevance and authority for certain queries. Google’s Knowledge Graph uses information from various sources, including structured data markup on web pages, to create and display rich snippets in search results for entities.

By including structured data markup on the home/about page of your entity, you can provide Google with additional information about the entity, such as its type, location, and contact information. This can help improve the visibility and relevance of your entity in search results, and potentially increase traffic to your website.